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18 апреля в Баку состоялась презентация новых моделей BMW X7 , а так же BMW 7-ой серии и более продоваемой модели 330i.

Презентация новых моделей BMW. 18 Aprel 2019

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Red Bull Thre3style Championship 2014 - Baku

Red Bull Thre3style Championship 2014 - Baku

From 1 to 6 September Baku, Azerbaijan, welcomes 19 top DJs from around the globe for the Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals to battle it out in front of thousands of fans and a judging panel of DJ heavyweights: The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, Krafty Kuts, Skratch Bastid, and Shortkut.

Red Bull Thre3Style pits the world's best DJs in a competition that values technical skill as much as the ability to thrill a dancefloor. Competitors are judged on the dual platforms of technical ability and crowd reaction, and are given just 15 minutes each to prove that they're the best in the room. Judges work to a strict criteria that also marks DJs on their originality in song choices, confidence performing and mixing prowess.

It began as an underground experiment seven years ago in Canada. In 2010, the event went global for the first time, effectively changing the face of modern DJ battles by pitting ten countries' top DJs against each other. Since then, in four short years, Red Bull Thre3Style has grown to what is now the largest DJ competition on Earth.

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